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Appleberry was born out of a deep passion for fashionable children. Fashion is exciting, ever changing, constantly evolving. Trendy, global, fashion-forward – we believe this is what children’s wear should be. With the convenience of travel and the fact that we live in an era where consumers are more global. Appleberry designs comfortable and timeless styles for kids. Quality and value are paramount to our mission. We hope you and your little ones play, explore and relax with Appleberry products! Today, we have department store corners in Indonesia. The next few years will see us bringing our concept to different regions.

Driven by the love and passion in fashion, Selvagio offers wearable yet unique clothing for women. Selvagio believe that good fashion will make every woman look attractive and confident. Selvagio design sincerely based on simple daily wear with a fashionable touch. Our casual wear emphasizes comfort and personal expression.

Fruity delight that captivates the senses and the body! Wonderfully fruity body care products with unique caring properties and juicy fresh scents. The wealth of active ingredients spendidly cares for the skin and spreads a unique scent which introduces the perfect mood, stimulates positive energy, joy and willingness to act.

Bell products have gained recognition for the high quality and the use of modern solutions. It meets the highest world standards, and all this for our customers to enjoy the products they deserve.

This line of specialized skin care products for uneven pigmentation, discoloration and signs of aging such as wrinkles, lines, loss of elasticity and firmness. Rich formulations are based on the best active ingredients, providing whitening effect, even skin tone and the perfect dose of moisturizing, firming and smoothing the skin. Amber is a special ingredient in all products. For centuries it is known for its rejuvenating properties. It is a natural antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals responsible for skin aging, accelerates the cell recovery, regenerates and brightens up even the most tired skin. As a natural UV filter, protects against the harmful effects of solar radiation.

Effective protection and skin care during summer. Sun Balance line of products were created to meet the needs of those, who prefer delicate tan as well as for enthusiasts of deep tanned skin. Wide range of caring products provide effective sun protection to all skin types. Using of  Sun Balance products extend the safe time of sun exposition. Additionally after-sun lotions extend durability and intensity of tan, providing beautiful, natural skin color for longer. Face Protection, Safe Tanning, After Tanning Soothing and Regeneration, and Body Bronzers.

Herbal Care is a line of products for the face, body and hair, inspired by the richness of nature and based on natural plant extracts. It is free of parabens, mineral oils, artificial dyes, alcohol, therefore ideal for those who value health and natural beauty. Herbal Care cosmetics are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. They contain nature’s most precious gifts: herbs from ecologically clean areas, and unique compositions of nourishing ingredients – everything maintaining skin that is healthy, silky soft and full of radiance.

Dermacos is technologically advanced, specialized line of dermocosmetics developed in cooperation with dermatologists, presenting solution for the most common skin problems. Thanks to the concentrated formulas, containing properly selected ingredients with proven efficiency, product from Dermacos line effectively fight with causes and effects of skin problems.

Bermi is meant for people with a casual fashion sense who want to feel good in what they are wearing from day to night to live their social life. To meet their needs, each design is selected from comfortable and easy to wear garment. We don’t want you to put so much pain to appeal your beauty.

Avelca is a beauty destination offering a wide range of affordable high quality products with fruity fresh scents. No matter the skin type you have or the results you are looking for from your beauty, we ensure you will find exactly what you need. Committed to offering a wide selection of high-end cosmetics based on customer needs, Avelca blends science and fruits to meet all your beauty needs and enhance every woman’s natural beauty.

The modern world significantly reduces our everyday contact with nature – we work in air-conditioned rooms, we ride cars and we spend much less time outside than we used to. We live under stress, we sleep less, not rest enough – that’s why contact with nature is essential for restoring our balance. Cosmetics using the most valuable gifts of nature are able to provide us with ingredients that are necessary. The art lies in the selection of plant ingredients for specific needs and the use of their beneficial properties, few are able to do so-we are one of them!

Nivelazione – The expert in specialist care. Products in the Nivelazione line were created as a result of combining knowledge, experience and passion of our specialists, active ingredients in high concentrations and state-of-the-art discoveries in cosmetology and dermatology in order to solve skin problems and diseases quickly and efficiently, restoring the skin’s health and beauty.

Sweet Secret – your sweet secret. Unspeakable sweetness that you do not have to deny. Moments of oblivion that can last forever. Imagine a day that smells like chocolate with chili and fruit. And at the same time your body receives everything it needs. Cosmetics Sweet Secret is a combination of skincare with vitamins and minerals – necessary for its proper functioning.

Lash Architect discovers the secret of beautiful eyelashes. Lash Architect eyelash strengthening serum is an ideal solution for those who dream of beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Especially recommended for people whose eyelashes are naturally weak, short or have been damaged and weakened as a result of extending and applying unsuitable cosmetics and after chemotherapy. The serum can be used by people wearing contact lenses, as well as extended and thickened eyelashes, permanent makeup and after henna.

Jantar series of products, inspired by the richness of nature, is based on advanced plant bio-complexes and uses the magical power of amber. Products contain natural extract of amber, a complex of vitamins A, E, F and Inutec – a natural prebiotic with excellent conditioning properties. Amber extract nourishes, strengthens and smoothens the hair.

Little Wynettes is the brand that focused for kids party dress. The collection of children’s apparel has everything you need including tops with a vintage and classic vibe, Whether your child likes printed designs or solid colors, you are sure to find the fashion kids want in this assortment. Kids love clothes that are fun. This children’s fashion selection is made to make you both happy. With quality material and solid construction, your children will have the comfort they want and a lasting style you will appreciate.

We create globally inspired, well-made, beautiful kids clothes for all of life’s adventures, big and small. From our signature girls dresses and leggings to our bold and bright graphic tees, we have something for every little citizen of the world. More fun style for girls with Sydney Whyte. Cute, colorful, fresh and modern, Sydney Whyte is your one-stop shop for the best value in clothes for girls.

Wynettes Couture has a various styles of apparel for daily, evening to office wear that include fit and flare dresses, shift dresses, blouses, shirts, pants and outwears that are very easy to mix and match.

Children’s apparel that’s infused with our commitment to both comfort and quality in cool designs that delight. Discover the extensive selection of kids’ clothing for every season that offers long lasting durability that can hold up your child’s active and carefree lifestyle. Crafted of super soft fabrics, each piece delivers an exceptional fit so kids can have the comfortable freedom to explore and play.

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